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Apr 10, 2020 - 03:33 AM  
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  April, 2020  

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Biorhythms are method of predicting the cycles of an individual based on their birth date. There are three rhythms that are well documented: emotional, physical, and intellectual. According to the science of Biorhythms, each of these rhythms goes through three different phases; high, low and critical.

What do the different phases represent?

Different things to different people. If the physical rhythm is in a high phase, for instance, you might experience more physical ability then if that rhythm was in a low phase. An emotionally low rhythm might be categorized as a sleepy or even irritable emotional state, likewise, in an emotional high there could be an improved sense of well-being. Intellectually, a high might explain the ability have more focus or mental clarity. In an intellectual low there could be more mental fuzz.

What is the critical phase?

The critical phase is the short period (usually one-two days depending on the rhythm) when a rhythm is crossing over to a different phase. During this short time, there is a greater risk of error or accident. In fact, studies have show then there is a 30-60% greater risk of an accident during those few critical days that a person experiences every month. It can pay to be more cautious on these days.

Are biorhythms based on scientific research?

Yes! Biorhythms were discovered by two scientists working independently of one another. Dr. Hermann Swoboda, a professor of Psychology at the University of Vienna, and Dr. Wilhelm Fliess, a nose and throat specialist, recognized the existence of biorhythms in the early 1900s. Through extensive scientific research, the doctors reached nearly identical conclusions. Each doctor published his discoveries, establishing biorhythms as an area of scientific study. Today, researchers continue to evaluate biorhythms in hopes of determining how they affect the human condition.

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