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  Hydroelectric Power  Popular
Description: Considers the advantages and disadvantages of Hydroelectric Power. Useful for KS3 and KS4 Science. Powerpoint presentation
Version: 1 | Filesize: 222.66 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 3064
Homepage | Details

  Desert Survival  Popular
Description: How can animals and plants survive in the desert? Useful resource for KS3 and above. Powerpoint Presentation.
Version: 2 | Filesize: 327.15 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 2977
Homepage | Details

  Stopping Distance for Cars  Popular
Description: Factors affecting overall stopping distance for vehicles. useful for KS3 and KS4 Science. Short Powerpoint Presentation.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 54.69 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 2909
Homepage | Details

  Terminal Velocity  Popular
Description: Short presentation on the balance of forces required for terminal velocity to be achieved. Useful for both KS3 and KS4.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 28.32 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 2520
Homepage | Details

  Introduction to Virtual Learning Environments  Popular
Description: This is a presentation, first given at the 2004 Annual Conference of the Association for Science Education (ASE), in which a number of aspects of selecting and installing a Virtual Learning Environment are covered. The main focus is on the advantages of using Open Source applications. Instructions for the installation of Moodle, a superb Open Source VLE, are given... The presentation includes : What is Open Source Software? Advantages of using Open Source Software Open Source Software in Education What is a Virtual Learning Environment? Proceed with caution… Where do I find information and Guidance? Case Study: Enriching and enhancing learning Moodle: A superb Open Source VLE Installing a VLE : Moodle
Version: 1 | Filesize: 3.78 MB
Added on: 07-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2367
Homepage | Details

  Installing Moodle using Fantastico  Popular
Description: Moodle is a superb Virtual Learning Environment, and it is gaining worldwide success in schools. Find out how to install Moodle..........(Powerpoint Presentation)
Version: 1 | Filesize: 1.22 MB
Added on: 07-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2177
Homepage | Details

  Solar Energy  Popular
Description: Advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy. Useful for KS3 and KS4 Science
Version: 1 | Filesize: 244.14 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 2104
Homepage | Details

  Online Learning Communities  Popular
Description: This presentation shows some online applications that schools and other educational organisations can construct with Open Source software. Exciting, dynamic websites are possilbe without tears, and do not involve the use of proprietary software. Includes a step by step guide to installing a Virtual Learning Environment..... First presented at the ASE Annual Conference, January 2004.
Version: 2 | Filesize: 4.72 MB
Added on: 11-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2027
Homepage | Details

  Adaptations (1)  Popular
Description: How do animals adapt to their environment(s) in order to survive? This is the first of a series of three presentations.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 547.85 Kb
Added on: 23-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1749
Homepage | Details

  Using Powerpoint  Popular
Description: This is a presentation on the advantages of using Powerpoint (and other presentation software) at school! Used as part of an INSET package.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 499.02 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 1737
Homepage | Details

  Core Study Evaluation Sheet  Popular
Description: Download the Core Study Evaluation Document. This is the MS doc version
Version: 1 | Filesize: 8.37 Kb
Added on: 11-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 1730
Homepage | Details

  Developing an Online Community  Popular
Description: Developing an Online Community. A brochure suitable for duplex printing. In colour. Outlines the development of our websites, including the use of Open Source resources. In MS Word doc format.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 193.50 Kb
Added on: 05-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 1694
Homepage | Details

  Year 13: Psychology: Crime: Booklet C  Popular
Description: Crime Victim Interaction. Includes....... 1. Who are the victims; fear of crime 2. Victim Responses 3. Crime Reporting & Intervention
Version: 1 | Filesize: 138.67 Kb
Added on: 21-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1659
Homepage | Details

  Adaptations (3)  Popular
Description: Third in a series : How plants and animals survive by adapting to their surroundings. Powerpoint presentation.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 875.00 Kb
Added on: 23-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1621
Homepage | Details

  Publishing your Project  Popular
Description: A powerpoint presentation about publishing projects/work on the internet. Considers a number of ways of achieving this, including 'instant' website builders, blogging, and the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) ....
Version: 1 | Filesize: 609.38 Kb
Added on: 15-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1571
Homepage | Details

  Year 13 Psychology : Crime : Booklet H  Popular
Description: Offender Punishments and Treatments and Preventing Crime. Includes.... 1. Types & Effectiveness of Punishments 2. Offender Treatment Programmes 3. Environmental Crime Prevention
Version: | Filesize: 100.59 Kb
Added on: 21-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1552
Homepage | Details

  A2 Psychology Crime Booklet B  Popular
Description: Criminal Thinking Patterns. Includes... 1. Morality & Crime 2. Social cognition & Crime 3. Rationality & Choice
Version: 1 | Filesize: 139.65 Kb
Added on: 21-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1493
Homepage | Details

  Year 13 Psychology: Crime : Booklet A  Popular
Description: Explanations of Criminal Behaviour. Includes............ 1. Theories of Criminal Behaviour 2. Individual and Cultural Differences in Criminal behaviour 3. Social Psychology of the Criminal
Version: 1 | Filesize: 192.50 Kb
Added on: 21-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1483
Homepage | Details

  Adaptations (2)  Popular
Description: How do plants and animals survive? How do they adapt to their environment? This is a Powerpoint Presentation. Second presentation of a series of 3.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 657.23 Kb
Added on: 23-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1471
Homepage | Details

  Surfing Screensaver  Popular
Description: This is a set of images of surfers taken at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, on 26th October 2003. Ocean beach is a popular destination for experienced surfers, but there are many hidden dangers for the unwary. Swimming and wading can be dangerous at Ocean Beach. This is a zip file. Unzip and click on the self-installing file.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 2.76 MB
Added on: 01-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 1428
Homepage | Details

  Physics of Baseball (2)  Popular
Description: Craig Cefferty provides a presentation on "The Physics of Baseball."
Version: 1 | Filesize: 153.32 Kb
Added on: 12-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 1391
Homepage | Details

  Saving energy in the home  Popular
Description: Ways of reducing rate of heat loss from the home. Useful for KS3 and KS4.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 166.99 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 1339
Homepage | Details

  Desert Life 1 : Animals and Plants  Popular
Description: A large collection of images of animals and plants. These are new images, taken in August 2003. All animals and plants reside in the Sonoran Desert. This is a zip file. Just download and unzip, and then install the self-extracting screensaver.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 7.20 MB
Added on: 27-Sep-2003 | Downloads: 1187
Homepage | Details

  Double Glazing  Popular
Description: How to reduce rate of heat energy loss from a house by using double glazing
Version: 1 | Filesize: 155.27 Kb
Added on: 03-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 1181
Homepage | Details

  KS3 Revision Exercises ( Physics)  Popular
Description: The first collection of revision exercises, including crosswords, which address some topics in KS3. These concentrate on the 'Physics' Units of Study. Download the Zip file. Unzip, and then click on the index file to show the menu of activities.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 267.58 Kb
Added on: 02-Jan-2003 | Downloads: 1179
Homepage | Details

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