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Category: Open Source

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  Installing Moodle using Fantastico  Popular
Description: Moodle is a superb Virtual Learning Environment, and it is gaining worldwide success in schools. Find out how to install Moodle..........(Powerpoint Presentation)
Version: 1 | Filesize: 1.22 MB
Added on: 07-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2177
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  Introduction to Virtual Learning Environments  Popular
Description: This is a presentation, first given at the 2004 Annual Conference of the Association for Science Education (ASE), in which a number of aspects of selecting and installing a Virtual Learning Environment are covered.

The main focus is on the advantages of using Open Source applications. Instructions for the installation of Moodle, a superb Open Source VLE, are given...

The presentation includes :

What is Open Source Software?
Advantages of using Open Source Software
Open Source Software in Education
What is a Virtual Learning Environment?
Proceed with caution…
Where do I find information and Guidance?
Case Study: Enriching and enhancing learning
Moodle: A superb Open Source VLE
Installing a VLE : Moodle

Version: 1 | Filesize: 3.78 MB
Added on: 07-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2367
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  Online Learning Communities  Popular
Description: This presentation shows some online applications that schools and other educational organisations can construct with Open Source software. Exciting, dynamic websites are possilbe without tears, and do not involve the use of proprietary software. Includes a step by step guide to installing a Virtual Learning Environment.....

First presented at the ASE Annual Conference, January 2004.

Version: 2 | Filesize: 4.72 MB
Added on: 11-Jan-2004 | Downloads: 2027
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