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Jan 21, 2020 - 02:37 PM  
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  January, 2020  

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Category: Latest Screensavers

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  Arizona Diamondbacks  Popular
Description: Images of the World Champions of 2001. Taken during a game against Atlanta Braves. August 2002. This is a zip file.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 2.03 MB
Added on: 30-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 904
Homepage | Details

  Canyon de Chelly  Popular
Description: Images of this spectacular canyon, located in NE Arizona. One of the most spectacular sights is Spider Rock.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 2.05 MB
Added on: 03-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 844
Homepage | Details

  Canyon de Chelly (Version 2)  Popular
Description: Extended and updated version of the Canyon de Chelly screensaver. Zip file. Unzip, and the self-installation file will be revealed.
Version: 2 | Filesize: 2.87 MB
Added on: 04-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 861
Homepage | Details

  Canyons 4 (Grand Canyon)  Popular
Description: The latest screensaver contains more images of The Grand a higher resolution. More time to download....but should be worth the wait.
Version: 2 | Filesize: 3.35 MB
Added on: 24-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 886
Homepage | Details

  Canyons 6 (Canyon de Chelly)  Popular
Description: Latest and largest screensaver of Canyon de Chelly. More images, at a greater resolution.
Version: 3 | Filesize: 4.99 MB
Added on: 24-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 776
Homepage | Details

  Chiricahua National Monument  Popular
Description: A screensaver showing many views of these spectacular rock formations. Located in SE Arizona, this is an amazing spectacle of extraordinary rock sculptures that have been created by natural erosion over millions of years. This area was once the homeland of the fiercely proud and brave Chiricahua Apaches (Download Zip File. Unzip and install )
Version: 1 | Filesize: 5.01 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 828
Homepage | Details

  Famous Scientists (1)  Popular
Description: A screensaver consisting of a number of famous scientists, and their main achievements in science. First of a series of famous scientists.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 2.19 MB
Added on: 23-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 858
Homepage | Details

  Famous Scientists (Version 2)  Popular
Description: An extended and updated version of famous scientists.
This is a Zip file. Unzip and a self-installation program will be revealed.

Version: 2 | Filesize: 2.53 MB
Added on: 04-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 816
Homepage | Details

  Open Evening 2002  Popular
Description: A collection of images taken at North Chadderton School's Open Evening 2002
Version: 1 | Filesize: 1.71 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 932
Homepage | Details

  Redwood trees  Popular
Description: Images of these amazing trees. Taken along the coastal highway of northern California. This is a zip file. Contains a self-installing programme for Windows.
Version: 1 | Filesize: 2.46 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 913
Homepage | Details

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