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  August, 2019  

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Category: Start / Global Dimension / Sustainable Development

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Awakening Earth  Popular
Awakening Earth is a web site founded by Duane Elgin--author, researcher, and social entrepreneur. The purpose of this site is to provide knowledge resources that foster a sustainable, compassionate, and creative future.
Added on: 01-Dec-2002 | hits: 1994
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CyclicSolarSafe  Popular
Learn how to design products that are good for people, profits and the planet.
Added on: 01-Dec-2002 | hits: 1371
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Education and the World Summit  Popular
"This site is about education, sustainable development, and the World Summit, which took place in Johannesburg in August and September 2002. The site aims to help educators engage people of all ages in the issues. It provides background information and links to more detailed sources on other sites."
Added on: 10-Nov-2002 | hits: 1121
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Education for Sustainability  Popular
On this website you will find a list of my publications, some notes on education for sustainability, and links to related sites.
Added on: 10-May-2003 | hits: 2297
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Green Left Weekly  Popular
"In these days of growing media concentration, Green Left Weekly is a proudly independent voice committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality. By printing the news and ideas the mainstream media won't, Green Left Weekly exposes the lies and distortions of the power brokers and helps us to better understand the world around us."
Added on: 10-May-2003 | hits: 767
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Halth Care International  Popular
" A health care professionals who volunteer their time and skills to save young lives. It is a not-for-profit organization that delivers high quality, compassionate medical and surgical care to children with life threatening heart diseases in developing countries. Please look at these pictures from a recent field trip."
Added on: 10-Nov-2002 | hits: 1764
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Implementing Sustainable Development  Popular
Experiences and Recommendations from National and Regional Consultations for the Rio+5 Forum
Added on: 01-Dec-2002 | hits: 801
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International Development Network  Popular
Information Resources for Sustainable Development
Added on: 10-Nov-2002 | hits: 964
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Johannesburg Summit 2002  Popular
The official UN website for Johannesburg Summit, 2002
Added on: 10-Nov-2002 | hits: 725
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Managing Sustainability  Popular
"Technology is not a solution in and of itself. It is merely one of many resources, which can be used wisely or unwisely. The more important issues are: how we decide which resources to draw upon, who will develop the plans for their use, how to ensure that policies enable their wise use, and how to adapt solutions developed elsewhere to new contexts."
Added on: 10-Nov-2002 | hits: 918
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